Week 1 of Web Business Creation

Well this week was super good! Ever since middle school I’ve been curious to learn about Web Business or making money online but I’ve never found an effective way and never been taught how to. So when this semester started I hadn’t signed up for this class but when I saw it and read the description for it. It was like a dream come true! So I quickly rearranged my schedule and dropped my New Testament class (don’t worry I signed up for the Book of Mormon) so that I could be in this class.

So this past week we discussed what we are going to learn in this class and I’m really interested in SEO, and affiliate marketing. We looked at a bunch of different business models and a couple that caught my eye are bit vendor, pay per click, banner exchange, and freemium. I like that you can do everything online and you don’t have the hassle of inventory. I didn’t know that there were so many ways to do business online. Brother Lundin infected me with the thought of to always think how a website makes money when I use it, its actually a positive infection that helps me learn new ideas and ways. Its pretty exciting though and I’ve been telling all my roommates and friends about it and they seem to get excited too.

Fun Fact: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is extremely good at SEO.

List of Web Business Models

Brainstorming Ideas



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